Public presentation of the Environmental Impact Study on Floating LNG Terminal in Omišalj

At the central event of the public consultation, the public presentation of the Environmental Impact Study on the floating LNG Terminal in Omišalj, held on November 15, 2017, in the sports hall of Omišalj Primary School, the local community and the interested public commented and asked questions for five hours. The public consultation shall last until November 28, 2017, until when the citizens and other interested public may make their comments by recording them in the book of comments or submit them in writing.

At the beginning of the public presentation, the representatives of Ekonerg, the developers of the Environmental Impact Study, briefly presented the document in which they covered, in almost 600 pages, the possible impacts of the floating LNG Terminal on environmental components and suggested protection measures. After the experts of Ekonerg presented the key environmental and local community impacts, numerous questions and comments followed from the audience. The vast majority of comments and questions by the attendants were about the impact of the planned LNG Terminal on the air, the marine ecosystem, the noise, the landscape change, but also the economic viability of the terminal and the financial benefit this local community would achieve by realization of the project.

The Director of LNG Croatia, Goran Frančić, explained to the audience why the previous LNG variant of the terminal showed no profitability on the energy market, explaining that this time the LNG Terminal project will be profitable precisely because of the introduction of the first, transitional phase of the floating terminal. He pointed out that the planned FSRU Terminal requires significantly less land area since all the systems required for the operation of the terminal are located on a vessel, which will contribute to the faster realization of the new natural gas supply direction for Southeast Europe. These are the reasons why this project has been recognized as a strategic one by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, but also by the European Union.

Omišalj Major Mirela Ahmetović expressed scepticism on the economic calculation of the LNG terminal and stated that “she would not accept the public utility charges and the communal contribution be regarded as the economic effect of the project”, adding that she would like to see a concrete economic analysis that would convince her otherwise. As it could be heard during the public presentation, the locals are most concerned about the impact of the project on local tourism, which is an important item of the local community's budget. They are also concerned about the possibility of using chlorine, although it has been emphasized during the public presentation that its use is unlikely to be expected and that this particular impact has to be covered because FSRU ships have standard built-in anti-fouling equipment.

Many present in the audience were interested in the system of monitoring the impact of the project on the marine environment and air, visual impact on the landscape, cultural heritage and value of the local community, as well as the financial compensation that the Municipality of Omišalj could realize as a compensation for the damages the project brings in relation to possible benefits. A few of the speakers at the end of the public presentation pointed out that “frequent alterations of the project solutions have seriously undermined the confidence of the local population”.

The Administrative Department of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, as the body coordinating and conducting the public consultation, shall make the record of the public presentation. The citizens can still inspect the Environmental Impact Study in the Grand Hall of the Municipality of Omišalj, at Prikešte 13, on working days from 9 am to 4 pm and at the Information Centre of the City of Rijeka - RI INFO, Korzo 18b, on working days between 8 and 10 am and 2 and 4 pm. All citizens who could not attend the public presentation but wish to give their comments, are invited to enter the comments in the book of comments at the locations of the public inspection or to submit them in writing to the following address: Administrative Department for Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, Rijeka, Slogin kula bb, with the indication Public Consultation on the Environmental Impact Study or to the e-mail address:, not later than on the day of the conclusion of the public consultation.

The study is also available for inspection on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy in a special section PUO/PUO Procedures 2017 at and on the LNG website Croatia

Proposals, opinions and remarks must be legible and comprehensible, accompanied with the name and surname, address and signature of the applicant, and those not submitted within the deadline shall not be considered in the preparation of the report on the public consultation.

Action "Studies for the LNG terminal Krk FSRU solution" is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility Programme.

Public presentation of the Environmental Impact Study on Floating LNG Terminal in Omišalj

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