About us

LNG Croatia LLC is a company established for the purpose of building and operating the infrastructure necessary for receiving, storing and regasifying liqiud natural gas.

The LNG receiving terminal will be located in Omišalj county on the Island of Krk in Croatia, North Adriatic, with the purpose to secure energy demands and reduce the cost of doing business through the provision of gas for the expanding energy demands of many European countries.


  • providing diversity of supply of natural gas,
  • providing security of supply of natural gas,
  • introducing the ecologically sound energy source in the region,
  • reducing CO₂ emissions in the region,
  • facilitating economic development.


Technical capacity of floating terminal will depend on the technical characteristics of the terminal, while the maximum annual delivery of natural gas is expected to be 2 billion cubic meters. The planned maximum annual delivery of natural gas will be 3.5 billion cubic meters, and with the installation of an additional evaporator this technical capacity can be increased to 5 billion cubic meters.